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Fashion Week Dubai By Hind Kroussa Paris 6th of Octobre, at The Agenda Media city. Dubai 6

Welcome to the Haute Couture Fashion show of Maison Hind Kroussa Paris

Who are we ?

HIND KROUSSA PARIS is a French Haute Couture House offering creations of semi-made gala and ceremonial outfits as well as jewelry.


Each piece is imagined, created and manufactured in Parisian workshops, by hand by experienced women.

The brand bears the designer's first and last name, but not only that.

HIND, is also the first name of a Middle Eastern princess. In 400 AD, she was able to mark history with her feminist ideologies in a time when women had no rights. She had the habit of dressing only from the most talented silk weavers and taking baths in donkey's milk.

KROUSSA, in  modern Greek : Δήμος Κρουσσών or Κρουσσίων, is an ancient edema from Central Macedonia in Greece. Since 2010, it is part of the deme of Kilkís, being a city rich in ancient mythological history, through its monuments and architecture.


PARIS is the world center of art and fashion. With a 19th century Parisian urban landscape and its monuments of Haussmannian architecture, known for these famous wood and plaster moldings, which charmed the designer and made it her cradle.


To begin with, we focus on elegant and liberated women who are comfortable in their own skin. Our clothing line is exclusively tailored for such confident individuals.