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Hammered Velvets

Velvet has always been considered an extremely luxurious fabric, reserved for the wealthy. The existence of velvet dates back thousands of years. In many cultures, it was a fabric symbolizing prestige, elegance, power as well as wealth. With the help of new methods developed, this fabric has democratized in order to make itself more accessible. As a result, it has become essential, both in ready-to-wear and in decoration and each year returns to the top of the list of trends.

Pile is simply the result of a weaving process in which two layers are woven together, one over the other, and finally joined together with a second warp thread. The pile warp used is then cut to separate the two layers and the threads protruding from the fabric vertically, creating the timeless texture of velvet.

Depending on the orientation of the bristles, the light reflected by the fabric is modified. It is for this reason that we are able to perceive the color of a velvet lighter or on the contrary, darker, depending on the angle chosen to admire this beautiful fabric. As a result, a matte color of incredible depth, while a downward hair will appear extremely shiny.

Our creations signed by HIND KROUSSA are made from premium cotton velor, also called hammered velvet. This material is used in several pieces of the HIND KROUSSA collection, as for the Mona coat The velvet type has an irregular moire appearance which brings a lot of definition and depth to the piece. This moire finish is due to a manufacturing process that twists the fabric and applies strong pressure to flatten its pile. The pieces are all made of crumpled velor which happens to be a type of perforated pile whose pile has been flattened in the same direction. This pile is elastic, either because they contain elastane, or because their base is knitted and not woven.

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