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The silk

Did you know that it is thanks to two monks that we discovered silk?

Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin, widely used, It is a secretion of caterpillars, the best known is that of the mulberry (bombyx Mori), also called the silkworm.

The Chinese discovered silk around 3000 BC and jealously guarded its monopoly for over 30 centuries,

In the middle of the Middle Ages. In 552, the Roman Emperor Justinier sent two monks to Asia, who succeeded in stealing silkworm eggs.

It is the end of the Chinese monopoly and the development of sericulture (silkworm culture) in the world ...

In France, the silk monopoly was granted to the city of Lyon by François 1er in 1536. It is for this reason that the silk that I use comes from the city of Lyon, which holds until today the French monopoly since it is known under the name of city of silks with the tradition of Canuts (silk weavers)

The main producers and consumers are France and Italy, renowned for high fashion, as well as Japan, which represents the highest consumption of silk in the world.

The silk is very fine and yet very resistant (of the same order as that of a steel wire of the same section), which is why I have a very particular preference for this fiber.

In addition to its resistance, it has a very high elasticity (1 m of silk thread can resume its first length after being lengthened by 15 cm).

The silk fabrics are little wrinkled and are a super insulator of extreme softness. Which encourages me to advise my clients to have silk bed linen especially pillow cases because it works wonders on the skin.

Silk has very beneficial properties for us, it stimulates the immune system, relieves stress, gives you energy to spare when you wake up and a face with a fresh complexion, rested and without dark circles.

Silk is naturally healthy, the enzymes present in silk prevent the appearance of small imperfections and help regulate acne: the skin breathes and rests on a more hygienic surface. The use of silk is therefore recommended in cases of severe acne or eczema for its many antibacterial qualities.

Silk absorbs less creams and hair care than cotton. You can go to bed without any problem after applying your night cream: your care will be optimal.

Silk weaves, unlike cotton fabrics, are soft and silky, they allow hair to "slide" over the pillowcase and limit excessive friction causing hair breakage.

Silk limits static electricity and keeps hair soft and smooth

Silk is a natural heat regulator, so it perfectly maintains your body temperature while you sleep.

Silk is particularly popular with people who suffer from nighttime hot flashes or have fragile, inflamed or simply sensitive skin.

Because we want you to feel beautiful and confident, we always choose the best for you.

There you go, you know almost everything about silk, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.


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