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HIND KROUSA PARIS is a French Haute Couture House offering semi-made creations of gala and ceremony outfits as well as jewelry.


Each piece is imagined, created and manufactured in Parisian workshops, by hand by experienced women.


Attention to detail is one of the primordial values of the House present in France and internationally, reflecting the unparalleled excellence of French know-how.


Inspiration is drawn from the moldings and ornaments of Parisian and mythological architecture to create sophisticated and unique collections, reflecting the demands and experience in the field of haute couture.


The design is made in semi-measurement, sublimating any type of silhouette, thus reflecting the strong and independent character of the modern woman.


The authenticity of the works is achieved through noble materials, meticulous embroidery and unique details.


Eco-responsibility is at the heart of the House's concerns, which attaches the greatest importance to the components of the materials used and their impacts on the environment and the well-being of its customers.

The creator's journey

Since childhood, the designer has had a passion for the world of fashion, drawing and sculpture.


After going through a scientific career, she decided to move towards a creative course, subsequently, she was able to acquire skills and evolve within Haute Couture Houses but also with young designers.


This allowed her to determine the artistic direction of her creations but also to define the values that she wishes to defend. 


Throughout his career, his objective has been to realize the idea of creating a brand in his image which bears his name, which embodies his creativity, his values but also Parisian know-how.

The history of the house name


The brand bears the name and surname of the designer, but not only.

HIND, is also the first name of a Middle Eastern princess. In 400 AD, she was able to mark history with her feminist ideologies at a time when women had no rights. She used to dress only with the most talented silk weavers and take baths in donkey's milk.


KROUSSA, in modern greek : Δήμος Κρουσσών or Κρουσσίων, is an ancient deme of MCentral acedony in Greece. Dsince 2010, it is part of deme of Kilkis, being a city rich in ancient mythological history, due to its monuments and architecture.

Paris is the world center for art and fashion. With an urban Parisian landscape of the 19th century and she monuments of Haussmannian architecture, known for these famous moldings in wood and plaster, which charmed the designer and made it her cradle.

Inspiration by mythological stories

Since childhood, the designer has been fascinated by ancient Rome as well as by the stories of the goddesses that make up Greek mythology and in particular by her travels. From this derives the essence of his inspiration, which shapes his unique creations.


Drawing her inspiration from the architecture and history of the Roman Empire, the designer reconciles past and present, using her know-how to merge the eras and pushing meticulousness to the point of embroidering each piece of the collection.

With a feminist spirit, putting women in the spotlight, each creation is characterized by a goddess and these functions, bearing the name of a descendant of a mother goddess who bears the name of the collection.

The manufacturing methods

All the creations as well as the embroideries are handmade by us in our Parisian workshops.

  • The production is artisanal on a human scale so that the pieces are authentic and unique.

  • The handmade guarantees a limitation of stock which avoids overproduction.

  • The sustainable issue is at the heart of the priorities throughout our activity.

  • All the pieces are offered in semi-measurement, they are manufactured after having received your order.

  • No matter your morphology or your size, we will do what is necessary to bring out the best version of you.

Shouldered and signed

All the clothing creations are supported and signed in the name of the house in order to give stature to the woman by allowing her to be the best version of herself.


Chemise Thémis, blanche

No industrial manufacturing, no relocation, no stock, no standard sizes, the creations are designed to order according to your measurements only.

The materials 

  • hammered cotton velvet

Hammered cotton velvet is an elegant fabric that offers a soft and pleasant texture to the touch.

Additionally, hammered cotton velor has insulating properties, making it a suitable choice for winter wear.


  • natural silk

Silk is a fabric appreciated for its softness, shine and delicate texture.

Also, silk is very comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal choice for clothing in summer or hot climates.

It also has excellent insulating properties, making it a suitable option for winter wear.

Silk is less likely to cause skin irritation compared to other synthetic fabrics.


  • Organic cotton

Cotton is a natural, eco-friendly and breathable fabric, which makes it comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather, and very easy to care for. It allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, which helps maintain a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Its soft texture makes it a popular choice for people with sensitive skin.


  • Cotton tweed

Tweed is a thick, textured fabric that offers a distinctive look and feel.

In addition, this material is famous for its durability and resistance to wear, also for its warmth.

Thanks to its density and the presence of wool fibers, it offers excellent thermal insulation, which makes it suitable for winter clothing and accessories such as scarves and hats.

Embroidery is the art of ornament

This technique, which is complex to achieve, consists of embroidering a pattern with a needle, flat or in relief, made up of simple threads on a fabric, and sometimes, by integrating materials such as sequins, pearls or even precious stones.


The perpetuity of embroidery is the basis of a unique and authentic know-how. All the embroideries that can be admired through the pieces of the collection are made in tone on tone in order to remain in a refined and sober dynamic.

The origin of the fabrics

All the fabrics used to make the pieces are purchased in Paris in a warehouse that includes dormant fabrics.

This concept makes it possible to avoid waste and maintains our ecological approach, which is a very important aspect in the eyes of the House.

This pushes us to offer only tailor-made.

We select only noble materials that respect our body for the making of our creations.


The house motto 

Made in Paris by experienced seamstresses, intended for unique, daring and leading women, capable of shining in both their professional and personal lives.

More than ever, our daily life shows us how precious life is and how each woman, through her audacity, her uniqueness and her courage, gives it a universal dimension.

Maison Hind Kroussa Paris reflects the audacity of an authentic, singular and unique woman.

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