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Viva Technology 2023

A look back at Viva Technology 2023: A gathering of innovation and technological entrepreneurship

From June 14 to 17, 2023, Paris was the scene of an exceptional event: Viva Technology, the global meeting place for innovation and technological entrepreneurship. We are delighted to share with you the highlights of this event which made an impression and aroused the enthusiasm of thousands of participants.

It was a platform for meetings and opportunities: Viva Technology is much more than just a fair, it is a unique platform where the business world meets innovation. This edition brought together renowned actors from 174 different countries. Inspiring personalities such as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, as well as Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, contributed to making this event a real melting-pot. pot of talent and know-how.

An effervescence of ideas and perspectives

Imagine yourself surrounded by 11,400 inspiring startups, 2,800 exciting exhibitors and over 450 internationally renowned speakers. Viva Technology has been a veritable whirlwind of ideas and perspectives shared over these intense few days. But that's not all ! More than 150,000 participants took part in this event, demonstrating the scope and importance of Viva Tech in the field of technological innovation.

The Maison Hind Kroussa Paris at the forefront of innovation

Our participation in this event was proof of our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. At Hind Kroussa Paris, we are aware that the world is changing rapidly and that technological advances are profoundly transforming our lives and our businesses. At Viva Tech, we seized the opportunity to discover the latest advances in Web 2 and Web 3, with great ambitions to develop solutions in this area. Web 3 represents for us the future of the Internet and offers immense opportunities for the development of innovative solutions. Our ambition is to create revolutionary products that meet the changing needs of our customers and adapt to new digital realities.

Although we can't wait to tell you what we're up to in the area of Web 3, we still have to work behind the scenes to refine our ideas and concepts. At Hind Kroussa Paris, we make it a point of honor to offer products and services of exceptional quality, and this requires time and thought. Rest assured that we are working tirelessly to bring innovations to the Web 3 domain, but it will be a while before we can share this with you.

An open window on the latest trends

Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or tech enthusiast, Viva Tech has given us compelling insight into the latest trends and opportunities to seize. This event was a true global crossroads of innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing. We are proud to have been able to attend and to contribute to the development of the global technology ecosystem.

Viva Technology 2023 will be remembered as a flagship event for technological innovation. It brought together brilliant minds, promising startups and influential companies, creating an environment conducive to exchanges, meetings and opportunities. At Hind Kroussa Paris, we are eager to unveil our upcoming innovations in the field of Web 3. Stay tuned, because our future in this sphere looks exciting and promising!


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