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5 essential pieces to have in your wardrobe

Some fashion pieces are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. These pieces match perfectly well with everything and add an elegant touch to your look. Today we want to share with you our tips about the top five pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

1/ A white shirt The white shirt is an essential piece to have because it can be styled with jeans as well as skirts. It gives an elegant and a sophisticated look given that it remains always casual. Our Thémis shirt is designed especially for this role. With its geometric sleeves and half Mao collar, it brings more character and charisma than a simple shirt. You can prefer it white but also black or gray. It all depends on your tastes.

2/ Black pants The black pants are ideal for an everyday look and are easily embellished for a more formal look. With a shirt, a sweater, a bustier or a simple T-shirt it will always make your look elegant. Our high waist black Héra pants will sublimate your legs while shaping your buttocks. Its fine tone-on-tone embroidery at the waistband will refine your size. Enough to have the figure worthy of a model. 3/ A black jacket The black fitted jacket is a must-have item. It's perfect paired with any top or bottom, and any style you want! In leather, jeans or velvet, it's up to you to choose the ideal jacket. Our fitted velvet Zephyr jacket will definitely match you to complete your best looks.

4/ The little black dress Who has never taken out their little black dress when you had no idea what to wea ? Every woman should have a black dress that fits her perfectly. Whether it's bodycon like our Décima dress, in satin and bulkier like the Nona dress, or in tweed with delicate long chiffon sleeves like the Atropos dress, you are bound to find the ideal black dress that will make you stand out. 5/ The playsuit The last essential piece to have and the famous short jumpsuit that can be worn all year round. As well in winter with a pair of tights and a coat as in summer with nothing. Our satin, black or white Psyche playsuit will adapt to your desires for timeless looks.

Now that you have our 5 essential pieces, you have no more excuses to complete your wardrobe and achieve your best looks. The elegant outfits are yours!

Life is too short to be mundane, be unique.


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