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5 ways to dress in black and white

The black and white look are timeless trendy colors, they are easy to wear but they have to be well styled. It is therefore sometimes difficult to wear a total black and white look and to remain elegant. Some combinations are to be avoided and others perfect for a confident look! Discover all the black and white looks signed Hind Kroussa as well as our advice!

1/Go for the monochrome look

Mixing materials to avoid a boring look is a simple and effective way to make an outfit work. The combination, for example, of a velvet material and another less textured, smoother, gives dimension to your look. For example, wearing a velvet top like our Gaïa bustier combined with the Héra cotton pants in a less structured material is perfect for a chic look. If you are in the mood for dress, the Atropos dress is for you! A mix of tweed accompanied by a delicate material on the sleeves for more lightness. A perfect mix for a monochrome look far from boring.

2 / Bet on original cuts

The timeless shirt and basic black pants can quickly become too classic and serious. This is why it is interesting to use original cuts to spice up the outfit without overdoing it, like our Thémis shirt with its geometric balloon sleeves. With this shirt associated with our Hera pants, you are guaranteed to be unique

3 / The printed look

Neutral and colorless prints are great if you don't want to take too many risks while still maintaining a sophisticated look. Clever for energizing simple looks, pieces like our Tyche T-shirt are effective for a sophisticated outfit! Printed tops are easier to wear than pants because they are easier to combine. Be careful, however, not to mix the prints as this could have the opposite effect!

4 / Embroidery

Details can make all the difference in a look. If you want to look stylish without going overboard, tone-on-tone embroidery is what you need. These are delicate and fine details that immediately make an outfit special and elegant. Some embroideries are larger than others depending on the desired result. For dress lovers, our decima dress is ideal. Pretty embroidery is present on the bust to enhance the silhouette. For other women, the Athena cape is sublime to accompany pants.

5 / The unique look

If you prefer a simple style, you can opt for a simpler look by combining a white top and a black bottom or the reverse for example with smoother materials or textures. By doing this, you can never go wrong! In soft and plain cotton, the Métis poncho is what you need! A simple piece to combine with other clothes but very effective. We hope you found these tips helpful. Now the most stylish black and white looks are yours !!!

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