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A fashion show like no other!

Let's talk a little about the importance of a show in fashion.

Let's start with a definition and a brief historical presentation:

A fashion show is a "live show" in which clothes and/or accessories are presented to a static audience. designed by designers and worn by models.

Years later, these events often represented more of a communication and a trend than a simple presentation. Over the years, some shows have left a lasting mark on the history of fashion by the novelty they bring, replacing the creations exhibited at the time.

The origin of the fashion show is attributed to Charles Frederick Worth, an English designer in 1851. For the first time, he puts a shawl on the shoulders of a saleswoman and makes her walk, that's where the idea comes from. He then organizes these events in strategic places such as the Universal Exhibition, Parisian passages or the Longchamp racecourse.

Thanks to the tailor Lucy Christina Duff Gordon the events took on an exceptional dimension. Her first show was called "Gowns of Emotions" (td: dresses of emotion). In 191, Lucy Christina Duff Gordon opened her Parisian boutique and invited her models to pose in a dramatic way. The show takes on the meaning of the fashion show in English showing a spectacular dimension. These live shows take place in prestigious venues.


The fact of organizing a fashion show allows us to present our creations, our values as well as Hind Kroussa's idea of fashion. It is an opportunity to value meeting and approaching our loyal customers. Our show is a moment of sharing and fashion will offer an unforgettable experience to the public and Internet users.

Thus, a parade is designed to offer interaction and discovery. These meeting points then generate a real emotional commitment and leave an imprint on our brand.

We will have the pleasure to meet you on March 25, 2022 during a fashion show to present our collection. "


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