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Consume less but better fashion.

Any woman who adores fashion dreams about a huge wardrobe with a thousand and one pairs of shoes and hundreds of bags to match the most beautiful outfits. That’s why the trend of fast fashion came to revolutionize the way we shop for clothes. It is a consumption pattern for companies that regularly renew their collections, produce at low cost and sell at low prices.

However, these companies are generally not concerned about the alarming impact of this production on the environment, the way clothes are made or the working conditions in which they are made. Ready-to-wear has become in a few decades one of the most polluting industries in the world. 7,000 to 10,000 liters of water are needed to produce jeans, which equates to 285 showers! With this comes the discharge of toxic waste and excessive emission of CO2. Due to these conditions and the need to limit these harmful effects on the environment, the trend has turned to give way to slow-fashion.

In this article you will discover our precious advice in order to consume less but better and thus contribute at your scale to the preservation of our environment.

Why consume better fashion?

Of course, consuming better can initially represent a slightly higher budget. However, learning to select the right parts that make you different in addition to choosing the best quality will save you money while protecting the environment.

Above all, this requires an awareness and questioning of your relationship to clothing. Currently, among the outfits you own, which ones do you really like? And how many pieces end up in the back of the closet without ever being worn?

It is better to own a few outfits but quality and durable that will make you feel confident, beautiful and unique. This is why at HIND KROUSSA we offer you few choices but premium quality in order to face all situations with confidence.

In order to discover our beautiful collection made with carefully selected textiles for you to find what you are looking for, we invite you here:

How to better consume fashion ?

It can be difficult to make the transition to responsible fashion and to consume in moderation when you all want to have a dream closet. However, it is quite possible to do both! With the help of these tips, you will now be able to take a positive step towards the environment.

Tip 1 / Choose sustainable fabrics

The choice of materials is important when buying a garment. It is preferable to opt for noble, thick materials with simple maintenance. The higher the quality of the material, the longer you will keep the garment. Natural textiles such as linen, silk or cotton are preferred over synthetic because synthetic materials are derived from petroleum and are therefore very polluting when manufactured. Recycled materials are also to be highlighted.

At HIND KROUSSA we offer you the best. We are in a 100% sustainable approach because we select our fabrics with the greatest care in order to ensure their excellent quality and guarantee a better hold over time. This will allow you to consume better.

Tip 2 / Opt for the second hand

More and more second hand sites are emerging on the market. The second hand remains an option in order to consume fashion in a more ethical way by reviving a piece. It is still preferable to select better quality parts from the start, even if it is quite possible to go for the second hand.

Tip 3 / Buy an eco-responsible brand

It is increasingly easy to find eco-responsible brands, which pay attention to the choice of their textiles, or who ensure the good production of their pieces. HIND KROUSSA takes care to be honest and transparent with its customers because it is above all a relationship of trust that must be established with the brand so that by wearing the pieces of the collection, women feel beautiful and unique.

We do our best to be ethical. We select quality fabrics and preserve our savoir-faire as designers.

It is essential for us to keep our commitments and do everything to contribute to the protection of Mother earth.

Tip 4 / Focus on Made in France

It is necessary, as far as possible, to know the origin of the clothes that we buy. The closer the production destination is to you, the better. Supporting the made in Europe means that we support local know-how and jobs in our countries. By opting for local consumption, there is less transport and therefore less pollution.

The fabrics used at HIND KROUSSA are carefully purchased in France. Our jewelry collection is produced in the south of France and our ready-to-wear collection is made entirely in France in Paris. These assumed choices contribute to the uniqueness of our brand and make it eco responsible.

Tip 5 / Independent businesses

Usually we all go to the same stores to buy clothes. Have you ever thought about supporting small designers?

It is a much more sustainable choice to consume fashion and it is often more likely to find unique pieces from small designers than from large retailers. In addition, promoting rising trade allows them to be directly supported!

In addition, you will feel unique and proud to wear a piece that is made just for you. This is why our house is committed to listening to its customers so that they find pieces that reflect their personality!

Now that you have the keys to ethical fashion consumption, what are you waiting for to sort your wardrobe and buy the clothes that really suit you? Tell us which pieces from our collection you would choose!


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