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The silhouette in H

In fashion there are really no rules to follow but, if you wish to have allure and charisma, it is better to wear pieces that highlight you. First of all, it is important to know which silhouette you have before you can go shopping. There is no one morphology better than another, just find the cuts that suit you best! Do you think you have an H silhouette? The width of your shoulders aligns with your hips, your waist is not very marked. You have a slender silhouette that is often accompanied by a small chest and relatively flat buttocks. So you have an H-shaped figure.

Since no area of your body needs to be minimized, you have more freedom than other types of silhouette. Your goal is to create curves and mark your waist. Discover our tips signed HIND KROUSSA and bring out the best of yourself.

To be preferred:

• The V-neck, core or empire-sized tops are perfect because they help create a curve impression. Dare the plunging necklines because they will suit you perfectly. Raglan cut tops are made for you because they help create volume at the top and lengthen the silhouette to create a thinner waist.

• Opt for long belted coats to create an elongated look and mark your waist. Prefer thin belts to wide belts to avoid weighing down the silhouette.

• High-waisted skinny pants and straight pants for a more masculine style will enhance your legs and waist while creating beautiful curves.

• Prefer flying materials, fluid and light for tops, such as silk or chiffon for example. Lightweight shirts tucked into a skirt or pants are perfect to mark your waist.

• Dresses with ruffles or peplum style are ideal. Count on the volume on your shoulders whether on tops or dresses.

• Straight skirts, with a flounce or trumpet, give you a sublime look and volume.

• Layering pieces can add dimension to your rectangular silhouette

• If you choose a patterned or detailed stocking, make sure it’s above the buttocks or below the thighs for a more flattering look.

• Use dark colors at the waist to create the illusion of a thinner waist.


•Boat passes or straights will not make you look good because they do not create curve illusion.

•Tops that are too wide don’t make you stand out and thicken your bust.

•The same goes for the low waist pants that make you look bigger and feel like a block.

• Skirts that skate or have a lot of pleats around the waist are not ideal for your figure.

Now that you know how to showcase yourself ladies, it’s up to you to play.




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