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The silhouette in V

In fashion there are really no rules to follow but, if you wish to have allure and charisma, it is better to wear pieces that highlight you. First of all, it is important to know which silhouette you have before you can go shopping. There is no one morphology better than another, just find the cuts that fit you best!

Do you have a V-shaped figure? Your upper body is developed and your shoulders are wider than your lower body. The waist and hips are smaller than the upper body. This is often seen in athletes. Here the goal will be to highlight your pretty legs.

To be preferred:

• Any top that looks to the waist is right for you. Look for V-necks or rounded necks rather than boat or square necks to minimize the impact of your shoulders.

• Opt for flared leg pants that will rebalance the body. If you have flat buttocks, opt for pants with pockets or flaps to create more shapes.

• Bright colours for the lower body are preferred to bring the look to your legs.

• Wide shoulder straps are perfect for you if you want to keep your shoulders clear.

• Wear a darker top and lighter-coloured bottom to balance the proportions of your figure.

• Because your upper body is wider than your lower body, you can easily wear colorful or patterned stockings to draw your eyes to your lower body.

To avoid :

• Tops and dresses with thin straps are to be avoided because they accentuate your developed shoulders. The same goes for the boat necks that highlight your shoulders. Also avoid puffed-up sleeves, shoulder pads and any top that would show details at the shoulder level.

• Avoid straight skirts that will not give more dimension and balance but will accentuate your underdeveloped hips.

• Generally, shorter cut coats give an illusion of more square shoulders, so avoid them.

• Fabrics too light for the upper body should be avoided, especially if you have a muscular appearance. Opt instead for slightly thicker and more structured fabrics. Now that you know how to showcase yourself ladies, it’s up to you to play.


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