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Women's day

Women's day

Every year on the 8th of March we celebrate a very special day, women's day.

Women's day is meant to celebrate the rights of women, it also celebrates the hardships they went through to achieve their rights and to voice their claims.

Yet, the path remains too long, women’s struggle did not come to an end. They are still fighting and claiming for their rights.

Motivated by the desire to achieve equality between men and women, they keep chasing their dreams and claiming their rights. Women’s ambitions for a better world keep growing every day.

This day therefore highlights the fight against inequalities, especially with regard to men. It is therefore our duty to continue to fight every day in order to have our rights respected and to assert new ones.

Women are powerful, courageous, and have a strong will . They know how to express their desire for change and freedom. A woman has a lot of responsibilities and she must honor them.

A woman must stay strong and always keep her head up. She has to be unstoppable. Every woman must have confidence in herself in order to face life with an iron fist wearing velvet gloves.

The pieces in the collection are precisely created and imagined to make every woman feel stronger, more confident and ready to face the world. This is elegant armor. A productive day starts with being in harmony with yourself, feeling beautiful and confident.

That's why we have 3 looks for you to be ready to conquer the world.

Look 1 / The Cap

The ideal outfit to feel elegant and comfortable. The embroidered poncho will keep you warm and elegantly beautiful ! Keep your elegance while you are dealing with all the circumstances !

Look 2 / Nona Dress

This fresh and feminine look guarantees elegance and charisma. With this dress, you will immediately have the courage to fight for your rights and voice your claims.

Look 3/ The Athéna Cap

Like a heroine, elegance is guaranteed if you wear the sublime Athena cape. it will bring you more charisma and pride on this special occasion.


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